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Company Profile

Xiamen Intretech Automotive Electronics, known as Likego, started in 1993 as Xiamen Xoceco New Technology Co., LTD, joined Intretech family in 2014.The company has been dedicated to design and manufacture for leading automotive Tier 1s with full access to group resources of multi-million square feet R&D and manufacturing facilities in Xiamen/Zhangzhou/Shenzhen China and Malaysia.   In addition to traditional ODM/OEM projects, Likego catches up with the latest trends in connectivity and autonomous technology with Infotainment, Telematics, HUD, Stream Media Mirror, ADAS, OBD, etc.

In an ever-changing automotive electronics industry, Likego support NPI for Tier 1s by co-designing, fast prototyping, and scaling up mass production rapidly.

Advanced tools, such as UMS (United Management System), TDE test system, QS 9000, TS 16949 (APQP/FMEA/PPAP), Lean and Six Sigma are widely adopted in Likego to ensure the quality of products.  In many cases, defect rate is below 35 ppm.   As a result, Likego provides very competitive Total Cost of Ownership for Tier 1s.

Vertical Integration of group resources allows Likego to control all manufacturing activities from raw material to finished products.  It is critical to quality control and on time delivery.  And it enables Likego to offer competitive price and save money for customers.

Likego understands the needs and wants of Tier 1s and determines to fulfill them.  Being responsive, being flexible, being agile, providing visibility throughout supply chain, Likego is working hard to offer best service for leading Tier 1s.                

History of Likego
  • 2016-2012
    • Participated in setting the national standard of GB/T 26775-2011 for Vehicle Audio/Video System.
    • Joined Intretech family to have access to group resources of multimillion square feet R&D and manufacturing facilities.
    • Became a supplier for several esteemed automotive manufacturers and Tier 1s.
    • Renamed as Xiamen Intretech Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. officially.
    • Certified QS 9000 quality management system.
  • 2004-2009
    • Certified QS 9000 quality management system.
    • Became one of VOLVO global suppliers.
    • Certified ISO 14001 environment management system and OSHAS 18001.occupational health and safety assessment series.
    • Awarded as Outstanding Enterprise of Fujian Province in Quality Management.

    • Certified ISO/TS 16949 quality management system.
  • 1993-2003
    • A team of engineers in Xoceco started R&D on automotive electronics, laying foundation for Xiamen Xoceco New Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Developed first CRT monitor for vehicles in China, supplying major bus OEMs.
    • Officially registered as Xiamen Xoceco New Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Developed first motorized flip-Down LCD monitor for vehicles and got relative patents.

    • Awarded as High-Tech Enterprise of Xiamen.
    • Certified QS 9000 quality management system.


In my heart

Nothing is impossible

To be No. 1

Responsibility and

Execution are very important

To be professional

Enjoy the work

Create 1st class product and

High value for customer

Vision:To be the window to the world, to gain honor for Chinese enterprises.

Core Mission:Creating Value for Customers, Shareholders, Suppliers, Society and Intretech Sibling, Build a Harmonious Homeland (of Intretech).

Core Concept:People, Promptness, Prosperity, Sibling.

Core Value:Customer First, Quality First; Honest Administration, Profit-Profit Cooperation

  • 2016, awarded 2016-2017 Fastest Growing ZXW Company in Xiamen
  • 2016, got certificate of Technology Little Giant in Xiamen
  • 2014, honored as High-Tech Enterprise in Xiamen
  • 2014, awarded Torch Taxpaying Star
  • 2014, awarded 2014-2015 Fastest Growing ZXW Company in Xiamen
  • 2012, participated in setting national standard of Vehicle Audio/Video System GB/T 26775-2011
  • 2012, became 2nd director of ZX Enterprise Association in Xiamen (2012-2017)
  • 2011, got honor of Best Electronics for Bus
  • 2011, got honor of 2011 Best Electronics in Bus Parts Expo Award
  • 2011, awarded 2010 Outstanding Supplier of Golden Dragon Wagon
  • 2011, awarded Outstanding Supplier of Golden Dragon Bus
  • 2009, got the honor of 2009 Best Bus Electronics of World Bus Consortium
  • 2009, became 1st member of Fujian Automotive Industry Association
  • 2009, developed flip vehicle monitor
  • 2008, got the honor of 2008 Best Bus Electronics of World Bus Consortium
  • 2008, got invention patent for motorized flip vehicle monitor
  • 2007, got the honor of BAAV 2007 Best Electronics of World Bus Consortium
  • 2007, got invention patent for motorized flip mechanism
  • 2006, got invention patent for position switch in vehicle TV LCD monitor
  • 2006, got invention patent for manual flip mechanism
  • 2006, got invention patent for motorized flip mechanism in vehicle LCD TV
  • 2005, awarded 2005 Outstanding Supplier of Suzhou Golden Dragon
  • 2005, awarded 2004 Outstanding Supplier of Xian Silver Bus
Technology Partner
Corporate Social Responsibility

To show his care and take social responsibility, Songhua Lin set up “Caring Foundation” in 2007, supported hundreds of people with millions of dollars.  After 7 years, first private foundation in Xiamen, Xiamen Chunshui Caring Foundation started in 2013, actively participated in wide variety of endeavors for public welfare.  The mission of the foundation is to help the people in need in our company, in schools and in rest of the society by offering prizes, subsidies and supports.  The foundation also donated books to hundreds of handicapped children, drawing other organizations and individuals’ attention to help the disabled.

The caring foundation’s name is Chunshui, which means rains in Spring that  water the crops, moisten the Earth.

----Songhua Lin, Chairman of Xiamen Chunshui Caring Foundation

  • Domestic Sales

    Phone:+86 592 7766398
  • Technical Support

    Phone:+86 592 7763583
  • After-Sales Service Support

    Phone:+86 592 7763603
  • Overseas Sales

    Phone:+86 592 7766033
  • Group Companies

Fax: +86 592 7770510
Add:No.1,Houxiang West Road,Haicang District,Xiamen City,Fujian Province China
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